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I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.


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Time for a second call to translation! 💬

If you have some time this weekend and know one of the following languages, please consider translating a few sentences of #PeerTube ! :peertube:

- #arabic: 33% translated
- #russian: 42% translated
- #japanese: 28% translated
- #polish: 54% translated
- #portuguese: 0% translated
- #danish: 0% translated
- #tamil: 3% translated
- #esperanto: 61% translated
- #persian: 12% translated

If you have never joined the effort, here is how to get started:

boosts appreciated :blobcat:

in fact, going by this chart, it'll only work on 64-bit linux/macOS computers. 32-bit windows is still supported hwen the others aren't for some reason

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#FunkwhaleSync will happen this Sunday (February 10) at 16:00!

All the details to join the discussion are available at

The agenda includes:

- Status update on the non-profit
- Plus de détail sur l’Utilisation de l’api
- How could we achieve opening this community to women, PoC and non-white-male people?

If you can't be there for any reason, you can use the forum topic to share your thoughts on those subjects, and we'll take them into account during discussions :)

#funkwhale #wip

so my little gtk app to download music from your funkwhale is now working for real

it is still far from perfect, and i will try to improve it in the following days, but it is a good start

it is written in rust, if anyone wants to see the code: (warning, it is awful, i did it in one afternoon, it needs to be cleaned and refactored)

Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!

#OpenCollective #sponsor #donate

j'aimerai partage avec vous ce live d' vu du ciel offrant ainsi des images totalement inédites, comme il est le pays le plus immense et énigmatique, le plus grand de l'Afrique du Nord

Before I go ruining my instance, is there any way to give a user their username back? I assume I can do something with the database but I'm not 100% certain.

Friend made an account, I promoted them to admin expecting to have to option to demote them if needed but I found that I didn't. So I had them delete their account then remake it. Only to find that their username was taken.

Anyone know how to fix this so they can have the same username?

(please boost 🙏)

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon

cc @ButterflyOfFire
dit moi pour fixmystreet je te configure les email ou bien c pas urgent pour l instant ?

@dada @eliotberriot @angristan

probleme résolu
pour info ; il failli configure l'authentification SPF, Sender-ID et DKIM et biensur ajouter les enregistrement DNS adéquat

Postfix et dovecot
tous les mail sortant en spam comment régler le problème

@dada @eliotberriot @angristan

WHOOHOO!!! After days of trying, I got #funkwhale running on my home server, including importing and playing music. So grateful for the folks who made the single #docker image. It was still difficult for me, but I did it! I used this tutorial:…

#Funkwhale 0.18.1 was released a few minutes ago. It's a small, bugfix release following the big release from last week.

Among other thins, it containt:

- a security fix for a potential vulnerability that was introduced with Gzip compression and reported by @jibec
- A fix for broken apache setups
- Small UX and quality improvements

As usual, read the full changelog for details :)

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